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Newspaper About Me

Intake major International Creative Business Developer

Panda. The Panda is originally from Asia. I also am from Asia. Therefore the length of the rolls. The length of the rolls what thee panda consist of indicates the long way I have travelled. Link from China to The Netherlands like from the Primary school to Cibap. And it is going to be even longer. I drew a card scale on the rolls to point it up even more. To make this project even more personal, I wrote my character traits on little pieces of paper and stuck them on the side.

During the intake conversation, I got a question of one of the teacher. I told how the process went. The end result is a reduction of the original design. I made a reduction because I would not finish it on time. I would need more time but I had none. So, the teacher asked me if I was planning to make the original design. I had not thought about that, but I thought it would be nice to do so. This was made in February 2020.

12 / 2018

2018 Newspaper About me: Tekst
2018 Newspaper About me: Werk
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