Linocut Printmaking

Castelo Studio is an intimate place in Galicia (Spain) where Iria do Castelo shares her ideas about art, design and sustainability. Iria attracts artists from all over the world. She lives between the beautiful hills of Galicia at a 30 minute drive away form A Coruña. Iria grows her own vegetables in her garden and cares with love for her donkey Lucas.


After my exams, I was in residence at Iria’s for a week June. I planned to create a small series of Asia-themed linocut prints. Because I only worked once before with this printmaking technique, Iria taught me through a masterclass the basics that I needed to know.



This first print was meant as a trial and is the result of the masterclass. It turned out better than I would have thought. I have printed this design on different sizes and formats. 


The Asia-themed series

The remaining days of my residency were spent working on the series prints. I started drawing the designs and then transferred them to the lino. I carved the parts away that I wanted to appear white when I printed them. But before printing, the ink has to be flexible so it covers the design properly which is done with an ink roller. When the design is covered in ink, it is pressured on the paper with a press so the ink transfers to the paper creating a copy of the design.


"Fushimi Inari-Taisha"

This print resembles the country Japan. It is one of the many destinations I dream traveling too. 


"Dragons Tail"

This print represents descent: China. It may not be the most beautiful country in Asia, I have a connection with it.


"Wishing Lanterns"

Lanterns in different colours have many meanings and believes. Because of the versatility, I can relate to it because my interest are versatile. Find out what it means for you.